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Few months back while surfing the internet I came across an advertisement that claimed to recharge my mobile free of cost. I was surprised as well as curious to know how that could be possible. I clicked on the ad and was taken to a website On having a detailed look at the website I observed that the website was offering free discount coupons of the same value of recharge done. The discount coupons can be used at the respective merchant outlet or merchant website for buying a product or availing a service. That is how the website claims the recharge is virtually free of cost as the customer is benefiting by the free coupons of equal value or more value being offered. Along with free mobile recharge, offers free recharge for DTH as well as internet datacard!!!

Today there are numerous websites like in the market, where you can recharge your prepaid mobile, DTH and Broadband for free. In this post, we will be discussing few ‘free recharge’ websites like,, etc.
At you can choose discount coupons / vouchers of an equivalent amount of your recharge and get your recharge done free of cost. By using the users can instantly recharge their mobile online with most of the leading telecom service providers such as: Idea, Vodafone, Airtel, Reliance, DOCOMO, Loop, Tata Indicom, Virgin, S-Tel, Aircel, BSNL etc. can also be used to recharge DTH and internet datacard.

The website offers ‘discount coupons’ to the user for an ‘amount equivalent to the recharge amount’. For example, if you recharge your mobile phone for an amount of Rs 300, then you get free discount coupons worth Rs 300. These discount coupons can be of leading retailers and popular food joints or e-commerce websites. Most discount coupons can be sent to the user immediately after recharge on the user’s email id. Some are physical discount coupons which are sent to the postal address of the customer. Some of the merchants offering discount coupons on include Dominos, PizzaHut, McDonald’s, Crossword, Barista, Croma,,, etc. The merchants offering discount coupons keep changing from time to time.

How does it work?
1) As a first step you need to create your account by registering your e-mail address with You need to mention details like your name, address, mobile number, e-mail id etc. Once your account has been created, you can recharge your mobile using this website.
2) Once your account has been created, you can then enter your mobile number and the recharge amount and click on ‘proceed’. The user can recharge for any amount ranging between Rs 10 to Rs 1000.
3) Next, you can select any of the listed free coupons of an equivalent amount that you recharging with. While selecting the coupons, you will notice coloured triangles – ‘blue and orange’ that appear on the top most right corner of the coupon boxes. Blue colour signifies, that is an insta coupon and is delivered at your email id instantly after the recharge. Orange colour signifies that the printed coupon will be sent to your home address within 7 working days through courier. levies an additional Rs 10 as service charge for handling these coupons.
4) Once you have selected coupons of your choice and clicked on ‘confirm order’, you will be directed to the ‘verify and pay’ screen. You will be presented with following options:
• Credit cards: Visa or Master Card
• Debit cards/Net Banking
• ICICI Net Banking
• Citibank Maestro cards
• Master/maestro cards
The customer needs to make the payment and complete the transaction. Once the transaction is complete an order id is generated. The mobile is recharged immediately and the order receipt along with the discount coupons is emailed to the customer.

Right now, is running an offer, in which, if you choose to pay through a maestro / mastercard, then you get discount coupons for double the value i.e if you recharge for Rs. 100 and pay by Mastercard you get discount coupons worth Rs 200!!! is another free mobile recharge website that allows the users to recharge their mobile online for free. Almost all the leading mobile operators are covered under this site.

PayTm stands for “Pay through Mobile” platform that enables different mobile subscribers to make payment through different mobile channels such as – Voice, SMS, WAP, ODP & NFC via different payment methods such as – Credit cards, Debit cards, Bank account, Prepaid cash cards etc. User can also recharge their DTH and Internet Datacard connections through this website.

The website offers coupons and special deals / offers of popular brands against each recharge. However unlike, allows the users to select vouchers of an amount that can exceed the recharge amount. These coupons are sent to the user through e-mail along with the recharge receipt once the payment transaction and mobile recharge completes.

How does it work?
1) You need to first register at by simply entering your mobile number, e-mail id and password. Once registered, user can login into the website for recharging your mobile.
2) For recharging, enter your mobile number. Website will automatically update the operator’s details. You then need to enter the recharge amount (user can refer the list for details regarding various top up plans and offers) and click on ‘proceed’ option. The user can select special tariff vouchers such as free sms, free internet usage etc. as per his need.
3) The site will then direct you to the free coupons section, where you can select different merchant coupons, free of cost. There may be a small service fee of Rs 10 as handling charges for some vouchers. Please check details on the website.
4) Next you need to select the payment option available – PayTm cash, debit card, credit card, net banking etc.
5) Once the payment is made, recharge is done instantly and a sms regarding the same is sent to your mobile and the selected coupons are sent to your email id.

What is PayTm cash?
In some instances, where the recharge is not successful, PayTm refunds the amount in PayTm cash account instead of returning it to your bank or credit card account. This PayTm cash can be used by user for future recharge. In case, the user does not wish to use the PayTm cash, he can request the refund of PayTm cash to his bank or credit card account. The refund is done within 7 days (can vary in some cases).
Apart from the refund, if user wins certain prize money from contest conducted by, then this money is also added into Paytm cash. However this money cannot be encashed and can be used only for recharging their mobile by the user. is another website that allows you to recharge your mobile and DTH and gives you discount coupons / vouchers in exchange for the recharge. The value of the coupons may be equal or more than the recharge amount.

I have used all the 3 above websites:, and for recharge of my Airtel mobile, Airtel DTH as well as my MTS Broadband connection. I have never faced any problems with any of the above 3 websites. Infact since the last few months I stopped recharging from the offline retail vendors or recharging online from the service provider websites (Airtel and MTS). I use any of these three websites every month for all my recharge requirements (mobile, DTH and Broadband). Along with my recharges I get to win lot of discount coupons which I use for shopping stuff on the internet or I use the vouchers on the weekends for enjoying pizzas (Dominos / Pizza Hut) or having coffee (Barista / CCD).

If you are looking for discount coupons of some specific merchant, then it makes sense to recharge from the website that is offering the discount coupons of that specific merchant. Else it is fine to use any of the 3 websites for recharge.

Well out of the three my personal preference is for as the choice of discount coupons to choose from offered by is better than the choice of coupons offered by the other 2 websites. Also is currently running a promotion in tie-up with MasterCard. Under this offer they are offering discount coupons / vouchers of DOUBLE the value of the amount of recharge. Well this is much more than just recharging your mobile free with coupons of extra value more than the recharge amount. Could you ask for a more better deal???

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